It's not easy being blue...


                                          It's AWESOME!

Alicia Mellon grew up in a small Appalachian town, in an often forgotten area of Virginia that is surrounded by the Kentucky and Tennessee borders.  Not finding her place there (and once she found someone fascinating enough to want to spend her life with him), she moved away to Raleigh, North Carolina.  Alicia, her husband, and their daughter still reside in Central North Carolina.

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Alicia remembers writing her first works by the age of nine, but didn't begin to harness her talent until she was in her early teens.  No book had ever been safe, as Alicia had always been a voracious reader, and her passion for the written word continued to be fed throughout high school and college.  Back then, she wrote poetry, lyrics, and short stories, as she had not yet found the characters and worlds inside of her that she felt were meant to be expanded into novels and series.

After scrapping several attempts at creating a novel she loved, Alicia placed her focus on her family and raising her daughter until she felt like she could balance her devotion to them, while working in a more consistent manner on developing her writing.  Though she continued to write short works, for the most part, one day she had a breakthrough in imagining characters in a world she couldn't resist sharing with others.  Soon, she found herself front of a word processor on a daily basis.

And once the words began to flow, they've never stopped.